Presented on November 4, 2022: “They said he was too dangerous to succeed: he showed them how wrong they were.” This presentation was given at the virtual International Shared Living conference. Download or view the slides here.

Presented in 2019: “22 at 20: A Non-Traditional Transition Story – 7 YEARS LATER”… Back by popular demand, Cheryl Ryan Chan updated the story with the highs, lows, successes and challenges that Nicky has experienced in his new life. It’s pretty exciting!
Download or view the slides here.


Download or view the slides from our ORIGINAL “22 at 20” presentation.    The presentations continue to evolve as we receive feedback and learn more information about this topic.  If you’ve attended the presentation, we’d love any feedback you’d like to provide.

If you’d like to book this presentation for your group, organization or a private session, free of charge, please contact Cheryl Chan at

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