WELCOME to our story!

This site was developed to compliment the workshop, and provide people with a place to review what they heard, share it with others, and refer their own school and agency administrators so they can gain a better understanding of how this was all done.Thank you for visiting the site.  You probably heard about us through our workshop, “22at20: A non-traditional transition story” – by attending one yourself, or hearing about it.  Or, you saw Cheryl Chan and/or another team member presenting at a conference or workshop.

We are very proud to announce that DESE has listed this transition story as a best practice, and it is being implemented by more and more families as awareness increases.  Parents and families are the leaders in developing creative housing solutions, and it behooves schools and service providers to listen.  Not only is this a story of success for Nicky in terms of his quality of life, it’s a story of financial responsibility and tremendous savings as well.  If that doesn’t inspire, nothing else will.  So, read on!  And don’t forget to read the blog posts; follow the links on the right sidebar!

    Here’s a snapshot of what you will find here:
  • Our About page introduces you to the history of how this journey began for the Chan family.
  • Our Presentations page provides links to download the slides from the workshops that the team has done across the State.
  • Our Families page is a heartfelt and courageous letter from Cheryl Chan, Mom to Nicky, that describes her family’s journey and drives home the extraordinary part of the story.
  • Our Schools page includes a letter to school administrators from the Director of Pupil Services who was the driving force behind making things happen and collaborating with DDS, DESE, and 2 adult human service providers who stepped up to support Nicky.
  • Our Contact page is just that: how to connect with all of us; even now, years after this successful transition, the administrators involved are committed to sharing information and explaining their roles to colleagues and other families.