WELCOME. A conversation about collaboration.

Whether you’re a school administrator, family member, caregiver, human service provider, agency representative, advocate or simply a supporter of anything that creates a dignified life for an adult with intellectual disabilities, this is where you belong.

But there is one pre-requisite.  You must be willing and able to think “outside the box.”

Set aside any pre-conceived notions, archaic philosophies and habits, and leave your ego at the door.

Here there is no question too strange, simple, or silly.  No topic too obscure, over-the-top or odd.   It’s all about opening the doors to collaborative conversation that results in creative solutions to how we will meet the needs of our most vulnerable citizens TOGETHER.

It will start on March 19th and we will carry on the conversation there.  We can’t wait.


About Cheryl Ryan Chan

Autism Community Thought Leader & Change Agent. Find me at about.me/cherylryanchan, learn about what I do at www.cherylryanchan.com or contact me at cherylryanchan@gmail.com
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1 Response to WELCOME. A conversation about collaboration.

  1. roberta manaoogian beltran says:

    im iinspired to know creative thinkers are getting thier needs met the future is creativity please email me robertamanoogian@gmail.com

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