Pre-emptive “strike” – here’s our Powerpoint for tonight’s presentation!

We will be passing out business cards with this website at tonight’s live presentation, so I wanted to get the powerpoint up ahead of time so it would be ready as soon as people arrive to join the conversation!

22 at 20: A non-tradition Transition Story Powerpoint presentation

About Cheryl Ryan Chan

Autism Community Thought Leader & Change Agent. Find me at, learn about what I do at or contact me at
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4 Responses to Pre-emptive “strike” – here’s our Powerpoint for tonight’s presentation!

  1. Sandra Cabral says:

    alex and cheryl – I was delayed in Boston so unable to make your presentation. Viewing it here, it is awesome! I am sure it was well attended and parents will come away empowered! Congratulations!

    • Alex & Cheryl says:

      Thanks so much, Sandra! The evening went really well, we are also empowered by the energy and attendance! Sorry we missed you, but we know you were thinking of us!!

  2. Kirsten Pokropowicz says:

    Wonderful presentation! Thank you Cheryl and Alex and Nicky for sharing your story and for being the catalysts for a change that I’m sure will help so many (including my son)!

    • Cheryl Ryan Chan says:

      You’re very welcome, Kirsten. We need change, that’s for sure! Any story that can help is one worth telling.

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